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2020 – 2021

Executive Board

Joaquin Alfredo Caso

As a fourth year Electrical Engineering student, Joaquin is the 2020-2021 RoboCup Soccer Chair. He acts as the team’s project manager and is responsible for general organization, financials, communicating, promoting, and motivating the team’s efforts. Moreover, he co-leads the Electronics and Mechanical teams in charge of developing and testing the model’s hardware, as well as training new generations of team members.

Hongtao Zhang

As a fifth-year Computer Science student and founder of the whole team , Hongtao acts as both the software team leader and an embedded system team mentor. He designed the top-level system & software architecture, involved deeply in the development of the Java AI software & the C++ on-robot software, provide firmware support to the embedded system team with his prior experience writing STM32 firmware for the Micromouse project.

Hector Montenegro

Hector is a third year electrical engineering student and lead of the Embedded sub-team. He configured and optimized the communication between the actuators and sensors of the robot using STM32 firmware. Hector is currently working on improving motor control and integrating the kicker/chipper circuits.

Anika Bhattacharya

As a first year Mechanical Engineering student, Anika worked on the design of the robot. She created the first iteration of the robot, and is leading the mechanical subteam in improving and creating future robots.

Electrical Team & Mechanical Team

Software Team & Embedded System Team

Pedro Orso

Co-Lead of the Electrical Team. Worked on the Kicker Power Systems and other such circuitry. Also have worked on image processing for the ball detection.

Francis Macapinlac

As a third year Electrical Engineering student, Francis joined RoboCup in UCSD’s first year as part of the electrical team working on the kicker circuit. As a member for two years, Francis was involved in the design of the kicker circuit topology, handled the kicker circuit parts list and organized the team description paper.

Zihao Zhou

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Duy Pham

As a third year cognitive science student specializing in machine learning, Duy worked on high-level programing for the Java AI application. He collaborated with other members to develop pathfinding, goalkeeping, and velocity predictions. Duy also created a display for debugging purposes.

Jennifer Nguyen

As a second year transfer Mechanical Engineering student, Jennifer worked on the calculations and design of the dribbler-kicker mechanism. She also assisted with the CAD’s design analysis and contributed to the mechanical section of the team description paper.

Seph Shia

Seph is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student who worked on the mechanical design team, helping with design, analysis, and CAD of the robot.

Haoen Luo

As a fourth-year Computer Science student, Haoen involved in distributed software development and embedded system development for the fleet. His expertise in computer networks and OS enabled reliable and responsive control of robots.

Danny Vo

James Li

As a third year Computer Engineering student, James worked on the design of the kicker board. He helped with preliminary research on booster circuits and DJI development board integration. He also provided help on embedded systems code for the dribbler.

Eric Wang

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Minxuan Liu

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Xuanyan Hong

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